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Away From Home

An interstellar call that drew me up,

Into a dark and lighted space,

Sparkling in its gaseous grace,

Unchained from gravity,

An escape from the dreadful,

And yet, beauty of the earth,

Wonders born from within,

And dangers radiating with ‘out’,

The strong ties of pressure,

No more to be felt,

An endless possibility of adventures that awaits,

Into galaxies, infinity and beyond.




The Fruits of Love

A force called from beyond,
A beacon reaching out,
A captivating allure,
That’s ever so stout,

One in whom there’s comfort,
And flooding relief of peace,
Whose identity is love,
Radiating it in bountiful release,

A Father, who knows no bounds,
In His love for you that never does end,
Capturing your heart in ways profound,
Placing you on a pedestal you can’t comprehend,

Your pain, shame and guilt, He took,
Wrapping you in such a resounding
And refreshing warm hug,
You were held in, never to be forsook,

Intoxicated by His love,
You now showed symptoms peculiar,
Huge traces of patience,
Interspersed with kindness,

Large amounts of contentment,
Interlaced with humility,
And a great dose of honor,
With heartburns of forgiveness,

Knocked off your feet,
You knew this went beyond a feeling,
Such ballistic shots,
That got you reeling,

This forcefield of love,
Enrichingly drowning,
Weightily daring,
Embracingly beautiful beyond measures above.



Cloudy with a chance of Comfort.

Faced skies,

Hovering over heavy heads,

Clouds reaching out,

To carry you,

Into their bosoms,

To shield and shade you,

To de-escalate the worries

Poised as daggers,

That wounds

Over and over again;

From men’s glares

That scorches you,

On several occasions;

From oppositions’ words,

That punches you

On continuous encounters,

Clattering raindrops,

Toppling over bruised bodies,

Rumbling thunders,

Spurting its deep trombones,

Creasing comforts,

Under a bleak day,

Wreathing spaces,

Woven in and out,

Between and under,

Over and about,

Clasping you bounded,

To the crowd of clouds,

As it sings forth,

Soothing sounds,

Heard only

By your listening hearts,

In hopes,

Of putting you

At a sighing ease.




Far More, Much More

[I wasn't sure about posting this piece I wrote..but anyways I hope someone enjoys it...]

Am I worth it?

Am I capable?

Am I lovable?

Will things turn out alright?

I admire they,

Their having it,

Their confidence,

Their competence,

Their fierceness,

Can I make it?

Am I worth it?

Am I capable?

You are far more worth it,

More than the jewels in a palace,

Your innate being radiating such beams,

You’re made up of the sun,

The stars making up your cells,

Royal blood flowing through your veins,

The Milky Way, coursing through your bosom,

You just don’t know,

How unique you are, do you?

Pray, do not let your mind wander,

Wander to the netherworlds,

Do not look so much to others,

Except to learn and be happy for them,

Do not look so down on yourself,

Except to pick something fallen,

Or look down at your shoes,

You’re so much more,

Much more than capable,

Much more than worth it.

And yes! You can make it.

(And your absolute self I love,

Just the way you are)




The Sealed Pages

Closed pages of my book,
Rattle tales laced with hurts to cook,
My heart dangling on a hook,

The life and love shared,
All brought down by your shears,
Draining out from me bullets of tears,

Moments pushed by memory to the rear,
A deep sigh, a different zone to bear,
The twists of horrors, and moans that cheer

This unexpectedly had to come,
A renewed person I had to become,
Therein tuning my fate to my own hum.


(NB: This post is similar yet different to the previous post, Distancing Points)


Distancing Points

I am but a faded memory,
A withering flower,
On a wuthering height,
Time, blowing away our moments,
That were shared & flourished,

Maybe, it was for the hour’s good
Or for the minute’s bad,
But probably for the best,
Or the unorthodox worst,
Of what has been,
That isn’t no more

It’s been a pleasure,
With you on this journey,
You will always be a treasure,
And my solo defending army,

Time unraveling our fates,
A move must be taken forward,
Into the future toward,

I feel what I don’t know,
At a very mindless pace,
And in a careless space,
Like a feather floating in the air.


(NB: This post is similar yet different to the next post, “The Sealed Pages”)


The Forgotten Chamber

Locked in an encapsulated loop,

Timelessly bound,hopefully to recoup,

My whimpering fallacy, serving me scoops,

Reliving the perpetrated undeservings,

Nursing the burdens,

In my covert lair,

Escaping from the rushing world,

Stretched beneath me,

Drabbed with little care,

My lungs forcefully working,

The dour discomfort, aching yet eerily soothing,

Holding on to my stance of bravado,

As the incandescent clouds of the north,

Provides a fervid yet delicate comfort,

With clumped regrets of dizzying effects.




Interconnectivity scathed,

A dying hello,

A masked wellness,

An unhappy happiness,

Drowning drowsiness,

Behind the device,

A recurring event,

A pleasant checkup,

A voice and a touch,

A receding text,

Fulsome presence,

Interlinked connectivity.




The Relief of the Released.

Trapped in the shadows of the past,

A surprising gesture, with its encounter,

Breaks one from that cast,

An uncontrollable move,

Orchestrated by a controlled gentle groove,

The present can be relished,

With the past not being relived,

Reconstructing the once muddled road,

Settling one on a path, liberating

Coated with pristine air,

Dotted with beaming sunshines,

Splashed with vibrant rainbows.



A Day, Another

Deep in the crevices of my soul,
I yearn,
Yearn for something new,
To color my greyish world,
The air, my ally
Reminds me of the crimson blood
That slithers within me,
And the thumping purpose,
Closely situated yet projecting to be far-flung from my reach,

I pummel myself with my cloth,
Doubling as my shield and shade,
For now, I rest
Till dawn cracks the night sky,
And the sun yawns,
Waking from its slumber,
Presenting to me,
The rays of hope,
The era of a new day,
The ignition of a fresh firebrand,
The strength of great tenacity.