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Grandma’s Hands

Those hands, her hands

Her hands that mollycoddled

Her hands that wielded her palms

Which once was soft

Now, hardened by the seasons and times


Those hands, her hands

Her hands that comforted me

And held my body firmly against hers

They wiped my tears away

And drifted me into a space of absolute soundness.


Those hands, her hands

Her hands that served as giggling tools

When I sat with gloom and grim

My body succumbing to her tickling,

Making me jump and roll and roar with the sound of laughter.


Those hands, her hands

Her hands made me feel beautiful

Her hands that stroked my hair

And caressed my cheeks

And pulled me closer to her for a warm cup of embrace


Those hands, her hands

Her hands that disciplined,

Making a thud when it struck me

Just to bring me back from the wayward way

To the righteous way


Those hands, her hands

Her hands that directed me

Pointing out places I shouldn’t go to

And things I should/ shouldn’t do

To live the fulfilled life


Those hands, her hands

Her hands were instruments of hope

They helped shaped me to what I am

They helped turned my bleak nights into brighter days

Assuring me that everything’s going to be all right.


Those hands, her hands

Her hands that freely gave

They gave out what they held

To fill the vacuum of what people did not have

Freely, those hands gave, never wanting any payback.


I miss those hands, Grandma’s hands

Those were hands made of fire and ice,

Hands made of the world’s treasures and every other thing that’s nice

Grandma’s hands were channels,

Beautifully crafted channels, that her blessed heart used to usher its love.


– Silverlady

Short Story: Her Prize vs His Prizes

She stood in the lit room, admiring her prize made up of glass and a silver and gold coated lining. She oohed and aahed over it, adoring it since the time she had it. It made her walk confidently now, but beyond the stipulated good confidence level.

On a Saturday, she invited Angela over. She had spoken about this a gazillion times to Angela that Angela’s eardrums got weary from the words that echoed in its passage way about the prize. She went to show the prize to Angela. It was at the centre of an office-like room. Not that big but airy enough. With a shelf of books on one side and another one on the other side, which covered both sides of the walls. There was a desk at the extreme end of the room comprising of a table and two wheeler chairs. And there at the centre, what she treasured most, what seems to be her glory, her hope, her saving grace, stood this huge prize, a limelight shining on it.

She heaved a sigh of contentment. Angela got closer to it, looking and scrutinizing it over. Then she looked at her and asked, “Is it your source of life or something?” “It can never be stolen”, Amy replied Angela. “It’s highly and securely protected.” Angela looked at her, and with a blunt expression she swiftly took hold of the prize, looked back at Amy, as she saw Amy’s expression changing. “What the heck are you…” she started yelling, as the prize smashed and clanked to the floor, broken to pieces and scattered to the ends of the world. Fumes of fury came out of her nostrils as she charged at Angela. Angela pinned her down within two seconds. “Sorry love”, she said, imitating how English guys spoke to their ladies.

“You were going on the the wrong path with this and I disliked how you had become because of this prize; this prize which you think will send you somewhere but rather send you nowhere.” “Lemme go!” she barked with gritted teeth and tears in her eyes. As Angela was releasing her, she said, “I have a better offer to give you, something worth much more than this prize which will send you far and is a 100 times better than what you have.”

“Anyways, am just a mediator so I’ll just call the person in, my manager, to show you what is much, much better than…”, tilting her head to the ground where the broken pieces of the prize scattered across the room,…that.” Amy exclaimed,”You jealous moron! I thought you were my only true friend. Should have never shown you this…You!..You!…” Angela held her firmly knowing what she was capable of doing. She clicked her fingers together, and a man in white suit with transparent shades and a white and gold walking stick immediately came through the door. “Mr. Geee,” Angela said smiling. “Huh”, Amy muttered.

He carried a certain aura around him. “Which big man is this?”, she thought. He was heavily built though. She never thought he was the type to smile but he did so as he led her out of the room, to the hall, and outside, towards a white van. “Who are you?”, she asked, looking back at Angela. Angela winked at her as Mr G. looked at her admiringly, “I am that I Am”, opening the van’s door…Inside, was a vast stretch of space which didn’t match with how an interior of a van was supposed to look like.

Amy gasped. What was all this? For in the middle of the van was a great pile of glittering and precious valuables. Jeweleries of all kinds; in rubies, diamonds, gold bars, pearls, topaz, amethyst, onyx, emerald, sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine, chrysanthemum flower stone, and a whole lot of unknown precious stones. She nearly fainted at the mere sight of this. “OK”, she told herself, ” Get back to your senses.” “Am I dreaming or I am in the wrong place?”

The voice of Mr. G’s enriched voice saying, “No my dear, you are in the right place”, startled her. Her heart started racing, as she adjusted her gaze on him. Mr.G smiled, walked to the pile, picked up a golden crown, with precious stones around it, and came to crown her head with it, as he said, ” All these are yours, and they’re for free too.” “Are you kidding me?” she screeched. “No, my daughter”, he replied back. ” I love you so so much and they’re all yours. No strings attached.”

Her heart started boiling with trepidation and joy. “For real? Like for really real?” she kept on asking. OMG! “Where is Angela?” she asked. “Right behind you”, a voice spoke. She turned to Angela. “Arrhhhh…”she screamed. “I can’t believe this!”.

” Yikes, gal you got some sound theatre down your throat”, Angela said. “All he needs is your attention, Amy. That’s all. What did I tell you?” Amy looked over her shoulders at Mr. G. And looked at the pile of treasure lying there, as she rushed to jump into the ‘haystack’. For with these treasures lying before her were the intangible ones she would also possess.

– Silverlady


“Valerie, wait up.” Victor moaned.
Valerie pretended not to have heard him, doubling up her steps. Victor had no choice but to jog towards her. Her steps were pretty swift. He managed to get hold of her. She spun around, jerked her arm from his grasp and bellowed at him, “what the heck is wrong with you??!! Why you still following me? Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” Victor replied, “please listen to me…you haven’t given me the chance to explain myself ever since you saw those incidents. How can you…” He hadn’t even finished his sentence, save some few minutes, then she spun back and started walking, converting it to a trot. She saw what she had seen with her own two eyes. “Ohh noo” said Victor in exasperation. Yet, he tugged along. “Am not giving up just yet”, he thought to himself. “Is either now or never.”
Valerie slowed her pace a bit. She turned around to see if he was following her. “Aargh”, she cried out. “Should I call the police to inform them of a stalker stalking me?” As she was considering this, she found herself taking a short route to Leo’s house. The park was empty and quiet, save for two boys who seemed to be playing. Sunset was stealthily approaching. As she was passing through, slipping her hands into her side pocket to take out her phone, the boys just rushed up to her. With cunning looking eyes and mischievous grins, they drew closer to her as she had stopped in her tracks. With her eyes revealing shock, wondering what to do next. “What’s up, beauty?” one of them slurred, smacking his lips together, and licking it with his tongue, making his lips shimmer. They drew closer to her. In fright and disgust, Valerie gave the one closest to her, a cartwheel kick to the detriment of, and surprise to both of them. As he lay sprawled on the floor groaning, she bolted away. She had learned a bit of martial arts from Victor when they were together. Victor was a pro in it. Valerie insisted on learning how to do martial arts from him even though he promised he’d protect her always. But she was being persistent, ranting on about the fact that he won’t always be around her 24/7. As the sprawled guy’s friend was just about recovering from his shock, anger beginning to seep out of him, gathering momentum to chase and do justice to her, he felt a firm grip pulling him from behind. He was rotated and given a blow on the jaw. He managed to look up to see who it was. Alas, a strange guy from nowhere. Victor, then lifted his legs up straight, contracting his core muscles to pull the leg through like a baseball bat and turned his hips to wind up the kick, giving him a heel kick which sent the ruffian boy to the ground. As his other counterpart was just about getting up, Victor inflicted a technique on him which made him unconscious instantly. Satisfied with his work, he rushed after Valerie.
Valerie was finally at Leo’s house. There was a party ongoing. Valerie pushed her way through the people around, looking for Leo. She spotted him but he was with one of their course mates, a familiar lady she wasn’t friends with. He was surrounded with his 2 best friends and their girlfriends, as they each flirted with their ‘possessions’. Valerie’s heart sank with what she was staring at. She went closer enough to them till Leo sighted her. Leo gave a sneer. His company of friends turned around to see what was happening. They gave a disgruntled laughter. Leo whispered something into the lady’s ear, who was snuggled onto him. She gave a sly smile to Valerie as he let her go. Leo walked up to Valerie. “Hey Valerie, I didn’t expect to see you here. What’s up.” Valerie huffed in disbelief. Was this not the same guy who made her feel like she was in paradise with how their relationship was. Wasn’t it just 3 days ago that he’d told her he loved her? He didn’t invite her to his party and now this. Her whole world seemed to be closing in on her, suffocating and strangling her. She was on the brink of tears. “How could you?” she shouted, with a shaky voice, attracting the attention of those close by. “Hey, you have no right to raise your voice at me. Chill. I was just looking for someone to play with and you availed yourself so what are you trying to do. We weren’t in any serious relationship from the start.” Valerie couldn’t believe her ears as her eyes bulged out and her mouth formed a very big O. She was totally stunned and taken aback by this.
So with all the dates and fun and things he’d had with her, it was just a plaything?? Her breath became unsteady. Tears started streaming down from her eyes. She felt as if her heart was tearing itself away from the inside of her. With such devastation mixing up with the rise of anger, she raised her hand, about to slap Leo, when Leo caught that hand tightly, gave her a smirk and thrust her to the ground. She howled with pain. Now, attention was drawn to the ongoing scene. “Look here, why don’t you just scurry off, you paperbag.” He started to laugh. Valerie broke down into great sobs. Before she realized, there was a stir as Victor came out of nowhere, again and shoved Leo to the ground. He pounced on Leo, held him by the neck, and gave this stern warning, “Never raise your hand at any lady.” He started torching him with his blows. With the intervention of some guys around, they managed to pry them away. Leo’s best friends had to be held back since they were flamed up to pounce on Victor as well. Victor swirled around to see where Valerie was. She was nowhere to be found. He run out of Leo’s compound. He saw her some few metres from the house, walking, as she wobbled on her steps with her back hunched and head hanging down. He scurried after her. “Valerie” Silence. “Valerie.” He went to stand in front of her, stopping her in her tracks, with her head stooped low. He drew in a deep breath, raised her head slowly up. Looking at her face, he was shattered to the core. Her eyes seemed to have lost connection with life itself. “Are you hurt anywhere?” She didn’t give any response. “Val,…” The words got stuck in his throat. He gently pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. It’d been long, for him, since he last hugged her. He held unto her, not wanting to let her go. Valerie began to sob again, all the more loudly. She balled her left hand into a fist, and began to hit Victor, as she held onto him steadfastly with the other hand. “I hate you. I hate you”, she moaned. “I know.” Victor whispered softly. “And I love you.” He added. Not wanting to ever let her go. After about 10 good minutes being in this posture, with Valerie’s sobbing ceasing 5 minutes earlier, Valerie gently pried herself from Victor’s broad chest. She now felt comforted a bit. She looked him in the eye as he looked back at her, giving her a comforting smile to gaze upon. “Thank you”, she said. “Anything for you”, he said back. “There’s been some things I need to verify with you which you had misunderstood. Am hurt you didn’t consult me but I’ll like to clear things up as I send you home.” Valerie looked unsure at first. But then, she lightened up, mouthed the word, OK, in a calm voice as the journey to her home began.


She is a priceless treasure I just can’t let go.

“Don’t compromise your standards for that momentary ‘gain’ or ‘pleasure’. In the long run, what you’ve done is gonna have its toll on you.”

But that friend stuck to her like glue,

Influencing her, having the upper hand,

Feeding her with what was fallaciously untrue.

The results? She caved in.


There is hope

To veer off that particular road

Where all others are passing

To where, she’ll come to her realization

That what she thought was all,

Wasn’t actually anything.

I would be hinting, and be waiting, and be praying

Though she would push me away

Yet will I hint, and wait, and pray

Till her foggy mind gets cleared

And I’ll walk with her once more

She in my presence, and I in hers, and ours, in His.




To Lose or Not to Lose

‘Her body is rejecting it!! Her body is rejecting it!!!’ He screamed. Other screams joined in…shrill cries sputtering into the night. Time comes to a stand still, the runnings & screams halted. I look at them, walking through this scene. Disappointing, I tell myself. I sigh. Just that thought of losing someone to the grips of those chilly, creepy hands of death when you think you’re doing all you can to help the person stay alive. Your prayers, the medications, the meals…’Uhmm, hello…where am I?’ I turn halfway round, without looking at her. ‘You’re at the crossroads, Darling’, I said. ‘Huuhhh’, her eyes bulging out. She sees the scene that time has froze like a movie paused.

‘Oh myyy!’ she exclaimed. ‘Am dead’. I look at her with a blank expression, then a half smile.

‘You’re at the crossroads’ I repeated again. ‘You know, now will be a good time to leave but there’s something you’re supposed to do that you have been ignoring.’ ‘Why do you keep pushing it away?’

‘What things?’ She asked perplexed. ‘Whurrrsh’ I blew out. ‘The twins, and the partnership with that guy….’ ‘But if you want, you can decide to leave this world, the hatred and the wickedness that brews forth from the core of this realm’, I said. ‘No! I want to go back, please. My fiancé, my family needs me…and like you said, the twins, that guy, and the other lives I may affect through them.’

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, giving the half smile because earlier on, before this moment that time has froze, you were already giving up’.
‘I still want to go please’, she cried out.

‘Then know that the journey you will continue won’t be an easy one. But you have your fiancé there to support you, your family…and listen to what your fiancé’s family tells you too. But be careful, one of them isn’t fond of you. Well then, I definitely wouldn’t want to stay on in this realm…Off, you go.’ She looks at me with grateful eyes, and as her spirit is being absorbed into her body, I sigh…the noise, and the screams are going to make my head ache. Lemme quickly get out of here. With a click of a finger, and the speed of lightning, I disappear as time awakes from its nap.

Inspiration & motivation from soundtracks:

-Victory by TSFH,

-Archangel by TSFH,

-Heart of Courage by TSFH,

– Catapult(2WEI)Wonderwoman soundtrack.



She was passing by in all her alluring seductiveness

With her attractive buxom ‘melons’ and her succulent, fat, firm ‘Tundra’

Curvaceous, and shapely she was, in all her feminine glory.

She stopped short, turning to you

With a sweet smile produced by her luscious lips, she approached you

Killing you softly with her porcelain skin and body accoutrements

She got to you, touching you lightly, as you melted into her bosom, and drinking deep of her

Time passed on

She caught you in her seductive trap over and over again even though you could have easily avoided it

You raised your hand to the sky, calling for a Higher up to help you out from this pit

A help came, in the form of a man who guided you and prayed with you

You were pulled out, by the rope of guidance

But a one day happened

Where this help of a man suddenly dematerialized

You searched for him, but he could not be reached ‘at the moment’.

And the subsequent moments to come

You were half-baked, still in the processing form.

And her path crossed yours

You did a u-turn to go another way.

But she caught your sleeve on time

And gave you this charming gaze

You tried pulling back, but not strongly enough

As a web started forming around you,

Invisible to the eye, with a leg being dragged into this pit dug out for you.

One day, you stumbled across a flyer

The program enticed you in a way you didn’t understand

So you became a ‘trier’

You were inspired, blessed and touched

And through that, was there a meeting of another ‘help’

You told him your plight soon enough

He told you about the chain breaker,

the burden remover, the Graced Saviour, Jesus

He helped shape you but directed you to give all the Glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

You were freed from the grips of the seductress

And your life started on a fresh note,

Crisp, clear, and beautifully coloured.

– 14:41


Is My Skin Colour Wrong?

The skin, the shade, dark or black,
Why? Is the blood running through my veins different from yours?
Why? Does being around me release demons?
Why? Does touching me produce dirt and grime on your body?
Why? Do our bodies function differently?Yours, ok & mine, awkwardly?
What makes me different from you?
Do you know what black stand for?
What is there to having that shade of lighter skin?
Black is bold, black is beautiful, black is bae, black is breathtaking.
Black is strength, black is power, black is authority, black is exuberance, black is fierce, black is refined, black is fire, black is passion, black is dangerous.
Without black, there’s no hope. For with it, can one know and understand the light that follows, & so cherished.
Black is me, black is them,
For with us, we are a raging storm,
Capable of scattering you up.
We are the attitude, and we are the class, with a topping of grace.
We just well behaved, with a spreading of humility, which makes you people think you can lord it over us.


(I wrote this poem after watching the trailer of the movie, ‘The Hate You Give’. We in Africa are in our comfort zones, so we don’t know what’s really happening with our fellow Africans out there. I was inspired by just the trailer to write this. Hope you enjoyed the poem.)